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  • How long should my service take?
    The short answer: It depends. A simple tune may take only a day or two, while a full service may take a week or longer. Seasonality also is a factor. When you contact us or bring your bicycle in, we will be happy to give you a reasonable timeframe for completion.
  • What parts and accessories do you sell?
    We have access to literally thousands of parts and accessories. We try our best to keep a reasonable amount of the most popular parts and accessories on hand.
  • Do you sell any cheap bikes?
    'Cheap' is a relative term. The easiest answer is that we sell bikes that are only available through Independent Bicycle Dealers. That means that I don't have the same bikes that you will find at the big box stores. These bikes are of the highest quality and are assembled by our certified bike mechanics. The service that you receive from an IBD is part of the reason that our bikes may be priced higher than you'll find elsewhere.
  • Do you take trade ins?
    Absolutely we will take a trade in. However, there are some bikes that are better sold personally than traded in. If you are shopping for a new bike and want to trade in your current bike, please contact us or bring your bike in. We will be happy to give you a trade value.
  • Do you have e-bike
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